Why  Organise  Outplacement ?


Most organisations face changes at some point that require them to terminate the employment of staff - either on a large scale, or in particular groups, or at an individual level.


In these circumstances, it is generally accepted, that utilising outplacement is a responsible way to proceed, that it minimises trauma and smoothes out this whole difficult experience for everyone affected. Typical reasons why companies organise outplacement include:



To Reduce Stress on Managers


Managers who have to break the news too often go through a very difficult time. The support

of outplacement consultants in planning and executing matters can make the process significantly less painful.



A Genuine Desire To ‘Do the Right Thing’


Most people in management teams feel responsibility for work colleagues being laid off and want to provide any support that can reasonably be done.



To Preserve The Company’s Reputation As a Good Corporate Citizen


Large scale layoffs in particular can have big impact on communities and outplacement support can minimise this by shortening the time ex-employees are out of work.



To Keep Morale Up Among Employees Being Kept on in Employment


 ‘Survivor syndrome’ can have a negative effect going forward. Outplacement demonstrates that compassion, fairness and consistency remain part of the corporate culture.





Knowing that outplacement support will be provided for the people being laid off encourages managers to face up fully to cuts necessary and not to shelter marginal employees. 



Defensive Reasons


Outplacement focuses departing employees towards the future and away from the past. It helps to minimise recrimination and channels the departing person’s energy towards positive action making them less likely to disparage, sabotage or otherwise be negative towards the employer.





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