Pre-Announcement Support


Counsellors from the outplacement firm meet with company human resources staff and other senior managers involved. They assist the planning of how staff will be notified and how redundancies will then be proceeded with.


The scope of this support can include structuring severance packages, designing outplacement programs and training and counselling managers who have to deliver the news. The outplacement firm is sometimes asked to develop responses for managers to issues ranging from reference checks to writing internal announcements and press releases, planning termination logistics, and advising on legal issues. notices.



Announcement Time Support


Counsellors of the outplacement firm can be present on the day news is given to staff of the termination to assist in the process. An outplacement counsellor can meet with the affected employee immediately after the news is delivered or alternatively a day or two later.


The consultant’s aim is to help the terminated employee cope with his or her emotions and not burn any bridges. The consultant may also help the employee plan how to communicate the news to family, friends and others. If needed, the consultant may help the employee gather his or her belongings and make a gracious exit from the building. This first meeting begins building the trust that will an important part of the employee’s relationship with the outplacement firm.



Assessment and Packaging


At the start of the opportunity-search campaign, the outplacement firm works with the ex-employee (now their client) to assess skills and strengths and review her or his career in detail in order to identify interests and assess values that may influence the shape of the job-search. Most firms use psychometric tests at this time; others may use structured interviews. The client may need support with other matters, such as financial concerns or spouse and family trauma.


Once assessment is completed, the outplacement firm helps the person develop a CV.  Most firms then also assist the client in developing some form of “job-search strategy” or a “self-marketing plan.”



Job-Search Skills Training


The outplacement firm trains the candidate in skills needed to conduct a successful job-search. This may be provided in one-on-one or group training sessions. Matters to be covered include networking, working with recruiters, job-market research, interview performance and negotiating job offers. The firm may use video as part of the interview training, and may also include computer skills training if relevant.



Support and Resources


Senior Management clients may receive administrative support including office space, access to computers, mailing privileges, reception/voice mail services, and access to reference materials and publications.



Ongoing Campaign Support


In most cases, clients receive follow-up support for a period of time, or for the duration of the job-search. This can include strategic and tactical advice on the job-search campaign, emotional support, and motivational counselling Also included may be  marketing of the candidate to potential employers, introductions to recruiters and networking contacts, and support with decision-making and negotiations. If the candidate wants to start or buy a business, the outplacement firm may help with advice on setting up a business.







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