How support is Usually Structured


Most outplacement firms customise outplacement programs to meet your needs or budget. Various options will be put forward, with services included or not, in response to individual company and/or employee needs. Notwithstanding that, most outplacement programs are fit into one of the following categories:



Top Level Packages


Open-ended, personalised one-on-one counselling and coaching with a big emphasis on provision of facilities such as a private office or cubicle, secretarial services, use of a computer, voice mail, etc. With mobile telephones and internet at home this kind of support has diminishing relevance today. 



Senior Manager Packages


Similar to the above package but excluding use of office space and wide ranging administrative services. These programmes are typically for an agreed period of time too, such as 3 months, rather than open-ended. One-to-one counselling that is paced to meet individual preferences and has the capacity to respond to whatever options the person wants to explore such as, for example, self employment.



Manager/Supervisor/Professional Programs


These programs occupy the space between highly supported personalised programs and group programs. Where cost is an issue, or significant numbers of managers and/or professionals are being let go, these leaner, more market-focused and action-orientated programmes are often appropriate. They are delivered on a one-to-one basis and are the type of support most favoured by people employed in mid level jobs.



Group Outplacement Programs


In this type of program, the majority of services are provided to candidates through group training sessions. Workshops vary in size and duration depending upon the employee population and your budget. CV preparation and job seeking skills are covered and follow-up services can provide an amount of individualised counselling.



Career Centre


Where large scale redundancies are scheduled , job-search resources and services can be organised through a dedicated ‘jobs centre’ that can be set up on site and operated by an outplacement firm.








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